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I took Soba for a jog today. It actually worked better than I thought. She's normally not that great about walking on lead and pulls a lot, mostly because we haven't spent very much time walking her since we got the electronic fence. But things are a lot easier when you're moving quickly "at her speed." She gets distracted by things (puppy? distracted? quelle surprise!), but usually a quick pull on the leash gets her back on track. There were only 3 or 4 times when she got really excited by something or just got tired of following and would stop and hold her ground. But it wouldn't last long, since after a while of looking at me, she'd realize "I don't actually want to be just sitting here — I want to run!" and we'd be back at it. Anyway, the stops were good for me since I'm not in great shape for jogging. And she's good and tired now — mission accomplished!

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I went jogging in the morning today and yesterday. Generally, I can't keep my heart rate in my target zone when jogging, and so it gets very frustrating — jog for a minute, have heart rate get too high, walk for 45 seconds, have the heart rate go too low, and so on. So I decided to bring my HRM, but ignore it and just keep jogging. My heart rate was indeed too high — between 158 and 168 — but my endurance levels held out for a 40 minute jog yesterday, and most of a 40-minute jog today. (Towards the end this morning my calf muscles started getting too tight and cutting off blood flow to my feet, so I had to stop and walk for a bit.)

As I was jogging around Mission Bay, enjoying the freah air and the sunrise, I passed local residents jogging, walking their dog, or just out for a walk, and thought to myself "man, what I wouldn't give to live in California again!" And then about five minutes later I realized what — my current job. As stressed out as my life gets sometimes, I can't imagine doing anything that I'd enjoy more. I just wish every once in a while that it wasn't in central Illinois, but you can't have it all.

time management, part 2

Well, that didn't work. I did manage to wake up by 6 (I actually woke up a short while before the alarm), but it nevertheless took me until 6:45 to start my workout at the gym. Part of the problem was that I forgot my water bottle and decided to go back for it (in retrospect, I should have just bought one at the gym), and I also took 10 minutes or so to have coffee before starting the workout, since I find otherwise I don't have the energy to make it through. Anyway, I got back home a little before 8, but with shower, more coffee, and breakfast, I didn't leave until just after 9, so it was actually 3.5 hours from waking to arriving at the office.

So I think I'll take everyone's advice and stick with having breakfast before going to work out. I'm still not convinced it's completely necessary: I made it through my workout fine this morning without food, and unless I have a really big breakfast, it's unlikely that I can get enough energy to get me through my workout anyway (at least if you believe the calorie meter on the elliptical that read out 600 for this morning), but I think the timing will probably be better.


I was doing some energy calculations to estimate how much energy I may have spent on a treadmill, and came out with a surprisingly low number. Turns out that a calorie is quite a bit of energy. For example, one of the chocolate thins that my mother brought us for christmas, with 47 calories, could lift my whole body nearly 200 metres off the ground! That's pretty amazing.

In other news, it turns out that my no limit credit card does have a limit. (The fine print did mention that they may refuse to honor transactions once the balance gets too high.) I got to find out what the limit is today, after our recent wedding and flight ticket expenses put us over the line. "Well, " I asked the person on the phone, "can I change that?" He put me on hold for a while and then eventually came back and increased it by 15,000. So now I can put a new car on my visa. Crazy! The funniest part is that the reason I called was to get a $10 transaction cleared.