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  • Sun, 14:39: According to @Spotify math these five songs add up to 30-minutes of uninterrupted listening
  • Sun, 21:00: My theory on the recent decline of the Phillips Curve is that as the economy heats up, rather than driving up the price of consumer goods, people now put their money into Bitcoin, Pok�mon cards, and NFTs
  • Sun, 21:25: Radu did this for a Chair’s Session at NDSS one year.
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    Tue, 00:29: How about 8-12?

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    Wed, 14:23: RT @ linguangst: please take a moment to read this gut-wrenching statement from one of the 26 known survivors of @ umichCSE…

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    Tue, 13:29: This is both hilarious and a little scary. Presumably the FBI was allowed to run a backdoored messaging service because it was…

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