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  • Wed, 12:21: RT @greg_doucette: Thousands upon thousands of protestors have been charged all over the country since May Many – including one of my clie…
  • Wed, 13:11: We may, just may, be cresting the holiday bump.
  • Wed, 13:15: RT @xor: We could have more beautiful and surprising and exciting collaboration around culture even newer than sea shanties if copyright te…
  • Wed, 14:00: RT @soledadobrien: Then they should resign. The cannot do their jobs or fufill the oath of their office.
  • Wed, 18:53: In other news, Illinois just passed a bill that eliminates cash bail as well as introduces new accountability measures and restrictions on the use of force. The original version also eliminated qualified immunity but this was dropped from the final bill.
  • Wed, 19:04: 15 federal judges in history have been impeached, but only 8 have ever been convicted by the senate. One of the convicted ones is Alcee Hastings, who now represents Florida in the house and just voted to impeach Trump!
  • Wed, 19:56: Telegram: 1 Signal: 0
  • Thu, 08:50: In other news, sun is more likely to rise in the east, study finds
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    Fri, 10:29: This is the best kind of interview prep: - takes a lot of time investment - can really make a difference in your interview - is a…

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    Tue, 15:51: Feels a bit weird to vote on promotion of colleagues by Zoom poll

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    Mon, 20:41: At first glance it sounded ridiculous but then I remembered that even Google can’t figure out how to send mass emails from eg.…

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