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  • Tue, 12:30: RT @normative: The truly perverse thing about the current electronic voting security freakout, motivated by a desire to deny the results of…
  • Tue, 16:32: Uh oh, I have more unresolved papers than my co-chair. Time to get dictatorial!
  • Tue, 16:43: My ‘no spiders in here’ pie is raising a lot of questions already answered by the pie
  • Tue, 17:07: I’ve lost track of the current rules, but even under tier 2 mitigations (cases rising and 2 weeks of tier 1 didn’t help) you were allowed to have gatherings of 10 people. Definitely not enough caution paid to small gatherings.
  • Tue, 19:08: I think there’s at least one dissertation to be written on the power dynamics of scheduling meetings in academia, and the time zone you use for suggested times can certainly be a part
  • Tue, 20:03: I think next time I agree to do something I should include a three-paragraph forward looking statements disclaimer.
  • Tue, 20:55: Under the Biden administration these will be replaced by “look, here’s the deal:”
  • Tue, 22:43: RT @nikitab: @christodorescu I think of it as ways, often subtle, that you assert your power without explicitly stating the power relations…
  • Tue, 23:10: Electoral college packing
  • Tue, 23:17: Oof really don’t know how I feel about gerrymandering NY as a way to counteract gerrymandering in R states, both from a point of principle and from the perspective of someone living in a district gerrymandered to be democratic but flipped as rural areas became redder
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    Thu, 16:58: My GitHub activity chart is nothing to speak of but I'm pretty happy with my smashrun chart Thu,…

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    Thu, 14:24: Autocorrect changed spanning tree to spanking tree and now I want to teach algorithms again. Thu, 15:03: Joined a virtual…

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    Thu, 10:01: What’s your favorite song lyric that’s also a safety or licenses property? Like “we’re never ever getting back together” (safety)…

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