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Well, I was convinced to go to see a doctor about my ankle. Unfortunately, with the way Tang works, I had to go to urgent care, which mean sitting in a waiting room for a couple of hours. They told me nothing was broken (I was pretty sure of that myself), but they also gave me an ankle brace. So now I can limp along, as opposed to needing crutches to get anywhere. It's amazing how much more mobility this is.

This really makes me reconsider how careful I should be on a motorcycle. A leg injury is a common result of a bike accident, and being restricted to crutches is really not fun. The pain, while annoying, is pretty temporary, but the inability to walk is a big deal. I guess it's pretty ironic that I avoid driving, in part because I think it's dangerous, but I do ride motorcycles and bicycles, which are just about the only modes of transport that are more dangerous still. But my bike route seems pretty safe to me, and I do stick to public transit when I can.

I've also been referred to physical therapy, again. My therapist is probably going to have a field day -- just as my knee problems were about cured, I go and develop a new one. I feel like I'm spending half my life at Tang these days. Damnit, I want to be indestructible again!

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