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[My DSL is down right now... It was working only a minute ago! How sad.]

Yesterday was a day of movies. Primrose won two tickets to see Lord Jim, and she invited fanlain and me to come along. The Castro was showing a 70mm print, and it sounded like it could be exciting. It turned out to be an epic story based on a novel by Joseph Conrad, and while some of the cinematography was beautiful, it was quite long. We were getting kind of restless sometime during the third hour. But eventually it was over. We managed to run into octal on our way out, and then while we were talking, Colby drove by. San Francisco is indeed a small city, it would seem.

I had some movies I planned to watch earlier this week, and they were due back on Sunday, so I invited people over to watch them. Strangely, even though this was organized much more hastily than last weekend, I had a much better turn out. Perhaps Buckaroo Banzai was a big draw, though we also watched Monsters, Inc. Banzai was indeed great; how can you go wrong with a movie about a neurosurgeon-martial artist-rock star-particle physicist? It seems so influential, all movies that were made afterwards seem to be a mere subset of it.

So how do you follow a movie like that? With 3D porn, of course! A theatre in Berkeley shows cult movies Saturday at midnight, and this week, it was Wildcat Women (aka Black Lolita) in 3D! From the acclaimed 3D director of Lollipop Girls in Hard Candy. It was quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen; it wasn't even very good as a porn film. It tried to have a plot, though it failed miserably; it was incredibly offensive (it's a blaxploitation flick!); and the 3D effects were pretty bad. But hey, how often in your life to you get to go to a movie theatre with your friends to watch 3D porn? It just had to be done.

This morning we went to the city to... watch another movie! fanlain's film class had a field trip to see Talk to Her. The film was very impressive, even if the film class itself (and the professor) was not. It had beautiful music, gorgeous views of Spain, an interesting story... We did manage to have a long discussion about how European and independent films are different from anything that Hollywood was produced.

On my way home, I slipped on a step and twisted my ankle. Now it's swollen and I can't seem to walk more than a few steps. Anyone got some crutches I can borrow?


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