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Well, we're about half way through lent, and I've been doing more or less well with being "off the sugar," so to speak. I admit, it's pretty hard to maintain willpower when I go to a party with tasty sweet snacks (it doesn't help when my gf makes a bunch of desserts in my house... grr). I even had a dream about falling off the wagon last night. But now I only get the cravings when I see sweets in front of me, as opposed to all the time. So it's progress.

Last week, a third of the way through lent, I was actually a third of the way to my goal of "actually weighing what my drivers license says," to quote a jazzercise advert. But I've put a couple of pounds back on, and now it's looking unlikely that I'll succeed. I think the issue is that I spent some time at home, and I bought myself some fruit and bread that I proceeded to consume large quantities of. I really need to find less high-carb snacks. I've tried to eat cottage cheese, but I can't really stomach more than a few spoonfulls of that stuff without adding flavouring, and as much as having it with strawberries or a raspberry sauce sounds nice, it kind of defeats the purpose.

I dusted off my IRC client today. It still had the settings for the dutch channel I used to hang out in last year. Some people there were suprised to see me. I also spent some time on a channel with people from Berkeley. It isn't actually my group of friends, but I know like half of them. I wish I could get my actual friends to hang out on an IRC channel (indeed, K even created one at some point), but unfortunately, they're not so inclined. A large number of them did get IM, so I can chat with many of them individually, but it doesn't have the social aspect of a channel.

Well, everyone in Berkeley is either out or asleep, and most of the people in the Netherlands aren't up yet. And my gf is acting sleepy and cranky. I guess it's time to go to bed...

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