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Wednesday night we went to a handfasting ceremony, which is like a wedding, but different (it is now mostly a wiccan ceremony, though its origins are more interesting). This couple is getting married on the East coast, but since they have lots of friends here, they wanted to have a ceremony in San Francisco as well. It was actually really beautiful; they had readings done by their friends, and the vows talked a lot about both positive and negative aspects of relationships and how working through both of them would be important. I guess the difference from the traditional vows' lip-service to this idea ("in sickness and in health") is that traditional implies situational hardships, while this ceremony acknowledged hardships that the couple would cause each other. Anyway, very beautiful.

This weekend I didn't go so well. My body was reacting to not eating enough and subjecting myself to a lot of stress negatively. I was irritable most of the day on Saturday, and actually felt nauseous in the late afternoon. Though I had some people come over to watch Free Enterprise, which was a lot of fun. I think that if you are geeky, you would appreciate this movie. fanlain decided to make a couple of desserts for the people who came, which was pretty frustrating, since my diet forbids me to eat them.

Sunday I was feeling a bit better, but pretty tired from not having enough coffee. We went over to help K&B with their wedding invites, and then they took us out to a nice Thai dinner. I meant to do more in the day, like review a paper, but was just too tired. I even went to sleep before midnight, which, as you might be able to tell from these entries, is unusual for me.

Today I got to go to a dentist to get my third (!) crown. Take care of your teeth, kids (or, perhaps more relevantly, take care of your kids' teeth)! Mine weren't that great when I left Russia, and they steadily deteriorated, until I got them all fixed up towards the end of college. But now many of them are mostly filling, and so they need crowns. Oh well, maybe in 20 years tissue engineering or nanotechnology will solve my dental problems once and for all. Amazingly, my dentist did well with anesthetic this time, and I didn't feel any pain until much later in the day. The main trouble was bits of tooth flying all over my face. My dentist says he's had to upgrade his computer network, because his old software wasn't HIPPA compliant, and the new version of the software required newer hardware. And of course the new network has been crashing all the time. Gotta hate computers.

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