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I've been thinking a lot lately about the war, about protest tactics. My mood changed once I started talking to friends who thought that Thursday's protests were wrong. And though I still stand by my actions, it feels different than being surrounded by thousands of people who are all acting together with you. It brought back the fact that I normally dislike confrontation. I still haven't responded to my "liberal" friend claiming that the protestors are stupid, that the war is in the Iraqis' best interests, and that protests are not. I put "liberal" in quotes because he seems to subscribe to a liberal ideology but a libertarian-like set of morals.

I've been also writing a story of what happened Thursday, but as I'm a verbose writer, it's getting to be quite long... and I also keep getting distracted. I find writing to be frustrating; there was a lot of emotional content there that I can't seem to verbalise. I cried, I smiled, I was swept up by the mob, and at the same time I was controlling the mob, if to a small extent. The main of it is that I felt passion, something that's been missing from my life. And a great hope, during these dark times, that things can change, that enough people are willing to put so much of themselves forward as to break through the darkness.


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