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couple of quick things

i wish for peace.

and another couple of signs I remembered from Saturday's protest:

Politics, from the Greek `poly,' meaning many, and `ticks,' meaning annoying little blood suckers.
He can't go back to Texas, they execute the mentally incompetent there.

I'm making progress in my code, though I'm struggling with programming in ML. Though unlike most people, who are transitioning from C and Java and such and are having trouble with the functional aspect, I'm used to writing in Haskell, and I'm having trouble with the imperative aspect, and the convoluted (by comparison) syntax. The code I'm working with made everything in sight mutable. Sure, some things are nicer expressed as mutable state, but that's what Monads are for. Instead I have to be thinking about copies and references, and I may as well be coding in Java. Grr.


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