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I started writing a collection of reviews for books I've read in the past few months, trying to collect some of the data from the "Now reading" comments in my blog. Turns out that in the past 6 months, I've averaged a bit less than one book per week. (More like one every 8-9 days.) This is a nice change from my old habits, when I would read a total of a couple books a year. I hope I can keep this up; I have a dauntingly large stack of books on my desk I need to read.

I had a weird day on Wednesday; I stayed home all day by myself (roommate was out of town), and didn't speak to a single person, other than the check-out clerk at the grocery store during my brief outing. And by the end of the day I was feeling... a little out of it, I guess. I find that when I don't see people for a period of time, I feel like I lose touch with reality. It feels like I'm falling into a hole, as my thoughts start running away in all sorts of weird directions, with nothing really to ground them. Usually, though, by the time I notice this and start to get bothered by it, it's late into the evening, so it's too late to search for the needed human contact. I think I miss social interaction too much for someone who's as antisocial as I am. Maybe I should start hanging out on IRC channels with Dutch people again...

I randomly found someone's blog on LJ who mentioned that he was addicted to Friendster, too. The amazing thing is, I looked him up, and he turned out to be a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend (only degree 3). It's a crazy website... I was having lunch yesterday and my friend R passed by and just mentioned "I added you to my friends list." And now we're trying to spread it to our Toronto friends (it's already a big hit among my friends in the Netherlands, it seems). You cannot resist friendster! All your friend are belong to us!

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