April 9th, 2021


My tweets

  • Fri, 09:41: Get yourself a big monitor, they said. It will help your productivity, they said. https://t.co/wuNArfsL9t
  • Fri, 09:50: This reminds me of my grad school office mate’s strategy of inserting a few grammatical mistakes per thesis chapter so that our advisor could correct them and feel useful. https://t.co/Fgx1kPgOam
  • Fri, 11:00: "Please use no more than 500 words to respond to 5 reviews that comprise 3000 words and include 35 questions"
  • Fri, 11:40: Grr, my iPhone keeps uninstalling Duo authenticator because I never open it (I guess authorizing logins from the notification screen doesn't count)