March 1st, 2021


My tweets

  • Sun, 15:08: Finally got around to figuring out my electricity and gas rates. They're not as cheap as I had thought b/c I was factoring only supply costs, and forgetting about delivery. My marginal costs are 7c / kWh and 72c / Therm, which works out to electric being ~3x more expensive per J
  • Sun, 20:22: I think there needs to be a new version of Godwin's law regarding the inevitable invocation of Trump in any discussion
  • Sun, 20:29: After spending like an hour trying to fix a LaTeX error, it turns out it was a problem with the DeGruyter style, and @UWCrySP has a solution!
  • Sun, 23:58: My student just got me new simulation results, 7 hours before the deadline... and they are AMAZING!
  • Mon, 07:25: RT @IFCA_Conference: The Financial Crypto #FC21 program consists of: 20-minute video presentations you can watch whenever you like even wit…
  • Mon, 08:33: Woot! Over 100 participants in the first session of #fc21! Join us:
  • Mon, 10:05: A quick thread on the reviewing process at #fc21. This year we got a record number of submissions, nearly 40% more than last year! We were glad that we scaled up the PC, with many new members. 🧵