February 10th, 2021


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  • Tue, 14:39: RT @MikaelThalen: A lawyer using Zoom had to let a judge know that he wasn’t a cat after inadvertently activating a face filter https://t.c…
  • Tue, 15:40: I think a better policy would be a case-by-case determination. If a violation is so egregious that someone can’t be trusted to serve on ACM PCs for 15 years, there’s a strong argument that it would be socially optimal for other societies to follow suit https://t.co/Joq8emfYe4
  • Tue, 17:25: RT @hoofnagle: Oaklandside: "Oakland’s Privacy Advisory Commission, a volunteer board that advises the City Council about technology issues…
  • Tue, 19:00: This doesn’t seem to be exactly true. The events are transmitted to the server and can be associated with the IP address, though the privacy assessment promises not to store the IP address associated with the events. https://t.co/WGANgRZrIU
  • Tue, 21:07: Not the kitten lawyer we deserve, but the kitten lawyer we need https://t.co/g3qr3gMipy
  • Tue, 21:09: For some reason this makes me think of the end of Lawnmower Man https://t.co/6vlTLMykmM
  • Tue, 21:21: You either die a villain or live long enough to see yourself become a lawyer kitten https://t.co/lG9xKORjCc
  • Tue, 21:21: RT @PET_Symposium: Nominations are open for the Caspar Bowden Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies! Deadline is…