February 2nd, 2021


My tweets

  • Mon, 12:59: I think it’s important to think of tenure as a trial attempt on both sides. Academic life is challenging and can be quite rewarding, but it can also be an emotional roller coaster, and is very idiosyncratic. https://t.co/i8v25pEgOm
  • Mon, 13:40: I’m glad the test is being used at Madison but something missed in this reporting is that a) U of I also had major surges, and b) positivity rates don’t tell you the size of the surge, they just tell you if you’re testing enough. https://t.co/YmyyfoJ7v0 https://t.co/dEX7R7JRPP
  • Mon, 14:33: My wife’s cells are busily manufacturing double Proline fortified spike proteins!
  • Mon, 14:34: RT @MSFTResearch: Give your dissertation a boost with a grant from Microsoft Research. Students in their fourth year and beyond looking to…
  • Mon, 20:30: “This intersection is a nightmare and we should just redesign the area and make it a public park!” “Sir, this is a Wendy’s” https://t.co/2uoKFkwxv7
  • Mon, 20:59: This is the textbook definition of enabling behavior (Looking at the IACSYS web page it’s not clear if it’s anything other than a CV padding club) https://t.co/WiFpUy3aLJ
  • Tue, 11:22: Does anyone have a reference for this study of the benefits of exposure notification? https://t.co/XLk2cXWAFN
  • Tue, 11:25: I’m not an epidemiologist but it seems to me that exposure notification might be particularly useful in a containment scenario, which we would want for SARS-nCoV-3 or whatever the next pathogen that comes onto the scene https://t.co/cLsFIWfvsR