January 29th, 2021


My tweets

  • Thu, 12:33: Thanks to Donald Trump’s pardon, Illinois is no longer third world according to this metric https://t.co/1lauYM1Txw
  • Thu, 12:38: Who do you think will lose most of the money on GME?
  • Thu, 13:26: RT @ScottDuncanWX: Spain, u ok? Alicante 🇪🇸 just recorded +29.2 °C today. Not so long ago, some parts of Spain were sub -20 °C with deep s…
  • Thu, 16:57: I wish this was going up as fast as GME but super pleased with the upward trend! (Graphic by @bzigterman) https://t.co/nizyGsLe5I
  • Thu, 19:45: RT @moarbugs: JOB TALKS 1: This is your chance to show off your presentation and teaching skills. Stand up if you can and make sure you are…
  • Thu, 19:45: I see the pants-wearing gatekeepers are out in full force this virtual interview season https://t.co/XYE97WdVpI
  • Thu, 19:56: I wonder if anyone has ever tried having a human cheat sheet—a colleague, advisor, friend, or family member who watches your interview in real time and sends you tips through a chat window. https://t.co/kJIFLurKHX
  • Thu, 20:20: RT @bernybelvedere: This guy made a joke tweet. Got contacted by a credulous NY Post reporter. Turned his joke tweet into a published artic…