August 21st, 2006



Most of the time I like the size of our house. It's nice to be able to walk around and not bump into things, and to have the space to store all of our stuff out of the way. Granted, our office is still a mess, but that's mainly due to a lack of containers, rather than space. And once we put together our new IKEA purchase, things should get better. But sometimes the house feels just a bit too large, and mopping the downstairs is one of those times. Maybe I should get the iRobot Scooba!

fanlain was tired so she took a nap while I finished up the cleaning, so I set up some music to keep me company, and ended up re-discovering Pandora. It can be eerily good at predicting what songs you like; for three of the artists I've added, it immediately went to the song I most wanted to hear. Then again, I had to fight it for a bit to convince it I didn't actually like country, despite liking songs by Blue Rodeo and Dire Straits. But it's still nice to hear music that's both new to me and that I kind of like.