July 3rd, 2006


back from Cambridge

My ankle seems to have recovered and the rest of the workshop went off without a hitch. I saw some interesting presentations, had a bunch of good conversations, chaired a session, and got asked to be the program co-chair for next year. This was a bit of a surprise, and it means yet more work to do in my copious spare time, but I'm still pretty excited.

Saturday we went punting on the Cam. It was a pretty nice way to spend a Saturday, the day was beautiful for being out on a boat, if a little too warm, and I'm glad cypherpunk95 convinced me to stay an extra day, even though I have so much to catch up on at home. We did the traditional things of eating strawberries and cream on the punts and stopping off at the famous Orchard at Grantchester for some Pimm's, and even bridge jumping (enochsmiles decided to have a rematch with his nemesis that had defeated him the day before). And, of course, lots of bumping, going in circles, and heading headfirst into branches and nettles, as is required for any good punting trip.

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting Cambridge, so perhaps it's fortunate that I get to return in early September, though I might have opted for less travel had it been a choice. I briefly tried to see whether it's possible to fly to Cambridge after my Wednesday class, give a presentation on Thursday, and return for my Friday lecture, but it's looking pretty unlikely, so it looks like I'll have to spend the weekend and visit the Cambridge Computer Lab. Well, things could certainly be worse...