April 26th, 2006


new computer!

My old computer died some time before the Turkey trip, so I've been using fanlain's powerbook and windows desktop as substitutes for a while. But yesterday, my MacBook Pro finally arrived. It took me almost a month to finally decide to order the laptop because I was waffling about whether to buy a PC notebook with a smaller form factor instead. Finally, after using some software on the PC, I decided that once you try Mac, you can never go back, and went ahead and ordered the MacBook.

As excited as I am about my new computer, I'm more excited about having all my data back, which was inaccessible for the last month. My old computer would actually start up when plugged in, and run for a tantalizing few minutes, before shutting itself off with a click. I finally took it apart and removed the hard drive, which was much easier than removing the hard drive from fanlain's old iBook, and which resulted in many fewer broken parts. The drive is now inside a $40 USB enclosure, and my home directory is copied onto my new 7200 RPM drive. (I splurged for the upgrade after I realized that a lot of my time with the old laptop was spent waiting for data to be read from disk.)

My big exciting task for today was updating the records in Quicken, now that I have the old account files. I found out that we had exceeded our budget by about 50% for our trip to Turkey. (Not counting the carpet purchase, of course.) I guess I should be more conservative when budgeting for Norway... or more conservative when spending money in Norway, or both. My next big task is probably posting the photos from Turkey. I now have a newer version of iPhoto, which seems to suck less than the old one, so perhaps the process will go faster.