December 16th, 2005


week update

Tuesday: I walked home for the first time. It wasn't exactly by choice — a meeting ran late and I missed the last bus, and fanlain turned out to be off somewhere without a phone, so I decided the logical option would be to walk. Turned out it's not so far; I wasn't timing it precisely, but I think it would take me 30-35 minutes door-to-door. When the weather's nicer, I should try to do this more often. It kind of makes sense: the bus only saves me 10-15 minutes over walking. Of course, in the fall, the window of nice weather was too short — it was a very quick transition from "too hot" to "too cold." But maybe I need to be less picky...

Wednesday: I had some free time, since my semester is basically over, and I started going back through my work email. I made it back to Nov. 15th, responding to things, and flagging a couple of others for later response. I haven't done the same for my personal email, and I'm not sure I'll get a chance to, so if I'm sitting on an email of yours that I'm supposed to answer, kindly remind me and I'm much more likely to answer it during the break.

In the evening fanlain took me to one of the fancy restaurants in our area for our 6th (!) anniversary dinner. The meal was quite nice, safe for a few details: the side of vegetables was unappetizing and the desserts were unexciting. It's hard to find any place with consistently good food; it seems the pricey places get most things right, but miss a few details. Fortunately, "pricey" here isn't actually that expensive.

Today: I've spent today grading exams and setting up our new Airport Extreme. I found out to my chagrin that our printer is one of the few modern USB models that can't be shared over the airport, but at least our computers in the office upstairs are online now. The exams are almost done, and then my semester will be officially over.

Also spent some time browsing MLS listings for the C-U area. We're not actually house shopping yet, but I figure it's good to start getting an idea of what the market is like, and also trying to figure out what our likes and dislikes are. It's weird to think that, in about 6 months, we'll have a house. And, in almost exactly six months, we'll be married, too. Crazy how time flies!