October 12th, 2005


today in credit news

We finally decided on a washer and dryer to buy to replace the one that our management company took away. (They're really sloppy about service and have been too busy for the last two months to take away the washer and dryer they left in our unit but we weren't paying for.) Last night we did a bunch of online research, looked around Lowe's, did some more research at home and finally settled on a pair. Tonight we dropped by to order them and it looked like we were all set to go before hit a small snag: the dryer we wanted wouldn't fit inside our laundry closet. Or rather, it would fit, but we wouldn't be able to open the door. Oops.

There goes all our research. We looked at a bunch of models, and then waffled for a long time. Or rather, I waffled, while fanlain consistently said she didn't care. I'm really bad at these decisions. I can do some research and find out all the objective information about what the differences are and what the extra money buys you. But the next step is deciding how much all of these features are worth to you, which I find really hard to evaluate. Finally, after much soul searching, I talked myself into buying the more expensive model that matched our (space-age front loading) washer. (And our Prius!)

To help "seal the deal," so to speak, the salesmen explained that if we got a Lowe's credit card, we would get 10% off the purchase — over $100 in savings! We could then pay off the credit card and cancel it. It seemed silly, but hey, if they want to give us a discount, who are we to complain? Given my recent credit troubles, we decided to put the card in fanlain's name, with myself as the joint holder. After a couple minutes, we were approved, with a credit limit $70 less than the washer and dryer together (that we had to put onto our "no limit" credit card), and we were out the door.

So now we have an extra credit card, though still no new cell service. And, just like the Prius purchase, we gave a small amount of money and signed some document promising to pay, and in return got some documents promising to give us a washer and dryer. What a country! Anyway, they should deliver the pair next Wednesday, so then we can gather round and watch them do our laundry. (No, seriously — one of the more common comments about these washers is that you can watch them instead of your TV, since they have a glass window!)