October 7th, 2005


things going wrong

This week started off with me spending the better part of two days fixing my printing. It was frustrating, because I'd debug it for a while, then decide to move on to something else, only to try to print a paper to read 20 minutes later and going back to debugging it. (In the end, it turned out that MacOS X doesn't deal well with SMB printing if you have special characters in your password.)

Then came the Verizon hassle. We put in an order online Saturday to get service with Verizon (I get a discount through the University). Monday they sent me email requesting faxed copies of some documents for a credit check. I faxed them off, but also replied to the email asking them to confirm that they received my fax. Silence. Tuesday, I called the customer service number, to see how things were going. The people there had no idea how to contact the actual State of Illinois Employee's Program people (who wanted my documents) other than the (non-responding) email and a 1-800 sales number. I called the number and left a message. Silence.

Today I called the customer service number again, got transferred four times before speaking to someone helpful (the last person I talked to asked "how did you get this number?"). She told me to fax the documents again to the "correct" fax number and then things would be fine. I had fanlain fax the documents, as well as a note asking them to call or email me to confirm they got the fax. So far? Silence.

Since I was doing phone errands, I figured it was a good time to call Wells Fargo and close my accounts with them. I checked my online banking to check if anything was still autopaid from the account, and noticed a charge from "Digital Age 888-529-98 Cyprus" for $24.99. I was trying to remember who that might be and did a quick web search, at which point I realized that I had been had. I called my bank to reverse the charges, which they promised they would do after they received an affidavit from me stating I didn't order anything from Digital Age. They also cancelled my card and tried to reissue me a new one, when I told them about my plan to close my account. It looks like this won't be possible until the money's back in the account, but hopefully everything will be cleared up in a couple of weeks.

Sigh. One thing that I expected to go wrong but didn't was getting my new Illinois license. It took just over an hour from arriving at the DMV to having a license in my hand. (When I moved to California, it was over a year before I got a license.) Most of the process was automated, with a touch-screen test, a digitizer for your signature, and a funky machine that makes the cards for you in about 30 seconds. But their "take a number" queueing was done manually, with cards that had numbers handwritten on them, which I thought was very quaint.

So step by step my permanence in this state is increasing... I would feel a little sad to lose some of my ties to California, but I was never a great fan of Wells Fargo, and as for the DMV... the less said, the better.