August 6th, 2005



I think my flight ticket was designed for maximum complication. I was connecting in Chicago from a United flight to an American one, which meant changing terminals, waiting through another line to check in, and clearing security again. At least my bag was ostensibly checked in through to Champaign. Having a paper ticket, I had to wait in the slow lines in both places, and because of the weirdness, I got flagged for extra security again, though only in Baltimore. (Extra security there meant puffs of air from the fancy new machine and swabs for explosives on my luggage, but no hand search or pat down.) In retrospect, I should have probably paid extra for a simpler flight with one airline.

On the plane to Champaign, I ran into one of my new coworkers, which I'm told will be a common occurrence. We had a nice chat about settling into both the department and the area, and then he gave me a ride to the Toyota dealership, after we determined that my luggage did not in fact make it onto our flight. There I picked up the shiny new Prius, which had only 2 miles on it, and not 4 as I expected. I drove it to our new house, picked up the keys and the DSL modem, and finally got everything working.

Right now I have a few errands I need to be taking care of, but I didn't get much sleep, and when I'm tired it's harder to get motivated to close down the computer and actually do something productive. So I'm sitting on the floor of a completely empty house, surrounded by a bunch of mail, laptop in hand and attached to the DSL modem. (fanlain is bringing the wireless router tomorrow.) I have a feeling I'll be spending most of today in this position...

Update: my luggage is here and my errands are at least halfway done. The Prius now has 10 miles on it!