July 28th, 2005




  • Cleaned & took photos of two motorcycles - Seca II and CB350
  • Updated ad on craigslist with CB350 address
  • Sent info for H-1 visa application
  • Discussed invite list with fanlain some more
  • Called a venue in Toronto
  • Sent out party invite
  • Sent off receipts for a conference
  • Forwarded (snail) mail
  • Called apartment complex to let them know move-in date
  • Played with battery acid ("Real acid?")

Today was less productive. We woke up to early to CalTrain to Belmont and talk to a fanlain's CFP friend about retirement planning projections. Afterwards I made a spreadsheet to better understand the scenarios she was computing. I think I'm convinced that if my salary and benefits were to stay the same, I should have no problem retiring. Of course, there's planning for adversities... I spent a long time just playing with numbers (which, of course, are just numbers, but it's somewhat unreal to see the projected balance in your retirement account after 30 years and count the digits) instead of reading the papers I was supposed to.

In the evening we watched a bunch of anime. It was nice to see people and to watch anime again, but I was too tired to really be social. Fell asleep during the last few episodes of Tsubasa Chronicle. I'm awake now, but fanlain is immovable, so I figure we'll crash in Redwood City and then CalTrain home tomorrow. Between the movers and the paper review deadlines, I'm not so sure I'll be able to make it to bab5 tomorrow. :( But everyone should come to our going away party Saturday!

Oh! I lined up 3 or 4 people to come see my bike; hopefully one of them will like it and take it off my hands. And looks like wealhtheow will take our old Honda. So all that's left is to get rid of the old Ninja that's in parts and doesn't run. Hmm...