July 5th, 2005



I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and wasn't sure which way to go or where I was. Took me a little while to realize I was at home. And while I was walking to the office this afternoon, I saw some prices posted on boards and started mentally converting them to dollars. Yes, it's been a long time since I've been home...

To ease our transition back to the US, fanlain and I had continental breakfast at the Junket (it actually took many years for me to realize that the continent of said breakfast is Europe). While there, we noticed that they now sell stroopwafels. I guess I needn't have trucked them through 4 plane flights and two and a half countries. I also found the same RitterSport chocolate bars that cost €0.69 in the German grocery stores, only for $2.25. I guess globalization comes at a price.

Spent most of the rest of the day feeling out of it due to jet lag and got very little done, except fixing my server (yay! i now have a web page and mailing lists and three weeks worth of diligently queued spam have now been delivered to people). The biggest failing was not putting up my motorcycle for sale. I was all set to take it out of the garage for a photo when I realized that I couldn't find the keys. I checked all the usual places and searched a bunch of nooks and crannies, but so far no luck. So, umm, want to buy a low-mileage '96 Seca II without keys? I'll make you a deal!

Had dinner at Shen Hua with A and svenof9, as well as a couple of their friends. It felt a bit odd that all of us, save fanlain, were current or future professors. I suppose this is something that will become much more common in my future. Afterwards, we went to Naia for gelato that fanlain informed me was not as good as the stuff in Venice (I was too full and too tired to partake myself). Came home to a house rendered empty by the impending BART strike — both rebbyribs and phyxius are staying on the other side of the Bay for now. rebbyribs has a travel schedule that, combined with ours, means that we won't see her again until the end of July. I expect to see most of the rest of you Thursday; hopefully the lack of BART won't prevent bab5 from happening.