June 2nd, 2005


Days 2-4: Cavtat, Dubrovnik

Point form, since I have 16 minutes at this netcafe.

* Tuesday morning, on the elevator, a woman asked me what seminar I was with, in Russian. Turned out she saw my name badge, and was surprised when I told her that I was from the US. She did admit that she detected an accent after I said a couple of sentences. Hrm.

* fanlain turned up online in the morning, and in person in the evening! Picking her up was easy enough, except the taxi was run by the hotel and therefore expensive. We also went out to a restaurant that the Dubliners told me was quite reasonable, but I forgot to take into account that Dublin is expensive. So my first day of actually spending money didn't go as well as planned, but it will work out in the end.

* I took a nap in the afternoon before fanlain arrived and slept through one of the sessions (probably the most technically interesting one, too). I fell back asleep before midnight, but only slept well until 3 am or so, and then was woken up at 5am as someone mistook our room for another. Damn jet lag! Was completely exhausted for all of Wednesday as a result.

* I failed at booking us a room for Wednesday night, so eventually we decided to send fanlain off to Dubrovnik on the ferry to find us a room while the conference finished out. She found a place with a gorgeous view, but up a long street with many steps. I survived the trip up there with all of our luggage, but just barely. For Thursday, we moved to a place in the old city, which is less nice, but a bit cheaper and closer to sea level. I *did* have to drag the luggage again, but it was considerably easier downhill. Tomorrow we move again, taking the scenic ferry ride from Dubrovnik to Split.

* Out of time, more later.