May 18th, 2005


damn printers

I printed out a test page for my thesis on our printer and noticed that the right margin looked a little smaller than I expected. It took me a while to find a way to measure it accurately, but finally I confirmed that indeed, the margin was a significant fraction of an inch too short. Since bad margins are one of the few reasons the graduate division can reject a thesis outright.

Later in the day, I compared the printout from the printer in our office to the two marked up copies of my printer that came from my committee members. Turns out that not only did all three have different margins, but the text was in fact a different size on each. Argh! (My officemate told me that when printing using the Windows drivers he gets slightly different margins from our printer.)

So I think my plan is to buy a ruler tomorrow, and play with LaTeX margins until whatever comes out of my printer matches the graduate division guidelines. I wonder if I should make a run to Sproul and run this by the "ruler lady" jic. For an added wrinkle, turns out the 24lb archival paper I need to use for the library copy of my thesis is ever so slightly wider than the 20lb normal paper that will go to ProQuest for scanning. Don't these people understand what 8.5x11" means?

I have to get all of this taken care of soon, since my advisor needs to sign my abstract, and the margins on that have to be correct. Luckily, the approval page I already printed out (which already has one signature on it!) has enough whitespace to satisfy anyone.
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