April 2nd, 2005


in Toronto

Getting to Toronto was a bit of an adventure, because my flight from Hartford (which I believe is the "nearby metropolis" the Gilmore Girls occasionally visit) was delayed. Apparently, the plane I was supposed to be on left Toronto but ran into some trouble and had to return. We waited about 3 hours while they scrambled another plane and flew it to Hartford. The delay wasn't so bad, I simply ended up talking on the phone with fanlain. But I did miss out on my chance to visit with my sister, since she leaves for Philadelphia tomorrow. (I guess when your entire family is infected with the travel bug you're bound to run into such problems, as with the great Borisov migration of 2003.)

When we finally got to Toronto, I had a brief spat with a cash machine, and then walked the entire length of the Terminal and back looking for change for the bus. Finally a friendly couple was able to break my $20 in exchange for me telling them what terminal they were in and 15 minutes later I was on a bus headed for the subway. Finally arrived at cypherpunk95 and ketzie's just after 1, to find them surprisingly still up.

They've lent me their net connection, and even kicked some hardware and some software into submission. Now they've gone to bed, and I should be sleeping, too. I hope today isn't a repeat performance of last night, where I was lying in bed awake from 2 until around 6, but I didn't repeat my mistake of having coffee with dinner. (Actually, I only had 2 coffees today instead of the, like, 5 yesterday.) In any case, I don't have to either get up early tomorrow or be coherent during the day.
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