February 23rd, 2005


ten things meme

This was hard to come up with, because many of my adventures have been together with people on my friends list. But here are ten things I've done that you probably haven't:

  1. Threatened to have my math teacher fired (I was like 9).
  2. Shaved my legs specifically for a math midterm (two years in a row).
  3. Had a newsgroup named after me.
  4. Turned down a dinner invitation with Bill Gates.
  5. Won the "sexiest man in math" contest (by proxy).
  6. Shaved my head to raise money.
  7. Received extra credit on an assignment for sleeping through class.
  8. Flew across the continent for Valentine's day, only to get stood up.
  9. Rode a motorcycle through Death Valley. (On July 31st. In late afternoon. Not recommended.)
  10. Slept in a capsule hotel in Japan.