February 13th, 2005



They say that a party that burns twice as bright burns half as long. I was a little concerned when a) the house was already full by 10pm (usually the guests trickle in slowly after 9pm, finally peaking around midnight), and b) when I saw a printout of a scan of one of our party invite cards. But in the end, the attendance was about what we expected: our regular party crew plus another 30 or so from the Con, or around 70 in all. cypherpunk95 practiced the amazing feat of remembering all their names; I kept up for a while but somewhere I lost track.

I got some dancing going for a while, but it burned out shortly after 1am, and I didn't even get to play such "Kevin and Nikita party" classic hits such as "Home for a Rest" and "Rasputin." The party eventually cleared out a little before 4, with a few (fewer than 20, thankfully) people crashed out on futons and beds. By then, I was quickly losing consciousness myself.

So it was a slightly different flavour of a party, but it was a success nonetheless. We set a couple records for our parties, including (obviously) largest attendance, plus the youngest attendee, who was blissfully asleep in rebbyribs room until we made it quieter by closing the door. If you came by last night, thanks for coming; if you missed it, remember, there's another one in 3 months — be there!