December 29th, 2003


"New Tokyo"

Phew, 10 hour flights are looong. I'm taking a breather at the "New Tokyo International Airport," as our flight attendant called it (every time I heard "New Tokyo" I thought of being in a William Gibson novel) before getting onto the second leg of my flight, a mere seven hours. Ah, if only supersonic flight were more economical. There are two wireless networks here, but apparently none I'm allowed to access, so once again, you'll see this entry later than I write it. Oh, fanlain just arrived from her flight, cranky as usual. But we now found some aspirin and a downstairs lounge with Internet access, so we're both happier.

I managed to stress out about getting to the airport on time despite alloting what I thought was more than enough time. First I spent a long time driving to find a gas station, going as far as Fremont (WA), so I missed the 10:15 bus. Then, on the 10:45 bus, we spent a long time in a traffic jam right before the airport for what I am assuming was an "orange alert" traffic stop. Fortunately, when I arrived with only an hour before my flight, it turned out that the international terminal was, as tends to be the case, pretty empty, and I was able to breeze through to the gate in no time. They really should say "arrive 60 minutes before your flight for international flights, and 2 hours before if you're flying domestic!." Ok, fanlain is demanding use of the internet access she paid for so that she can blog herself...