November 25th, 2003


down but not out

At my pressing (and after having had the laptop for two days), the campus repair people said that the laptop required a non-trivial fix (what they had attempted was removing the keyboard and plugging in an external monitor), and that they were going to send it to Apple, which promises a 3-5 business day turnaround time. I don't know if that includes the time it takes for the campus people to send it to Apple and to receive it back. Had I realized that the "Authorized Apple Repair Service" provided was simply in the form of being a middleman, I would have gone to Apple directly.

Fortunately, fanlain was nice enough to lend me her laptop while she's away in PA. This makes me feel better, as I now have a graphical interface to use at home — and a familiar one at that (modulo some really old versions of software). Plus I can finally read my father's email. Now if the iBook only had dual-monitor support, I'd be set...