August 1st, 2003



Alarm goes off:9:00am
Wake up:12:00pm
Get to campus:4:30pm
Alarm goes off:9:30am
Wake up:10:45am
Get to campus:1:00pm

I guess it's an improvement. Of course, today I didn't have jackhammers interrupting my sleep starting at 8am, nor did I have to ride my motorcycle from Redwood City, running out of gas in Oakland. But I did have to wait 10 minutes because the sandwich shop had run out of hummus, and was making more for a backlog of 3-4 people. Only in Berkeley!


To the authors of KHTML...

... I would like to point out the following lines in the HTML4 DTD:

<!ELEMENT TR       - O (TH|TD)+        -- table row -->
<!ELEMENT (TH|TD)  - O (%flow;)*       -- table header cell, table data cell-->

Make special note of the "O", meaning that the end tags may be omitted. Why, then did my last entry produce broken table rendering in Safari, until I added the end tags, producing no change in the SGML parse tree? What year is this again? Perhaps I really need to switch to some method of publishing livejournal entries that runs the text through sgmlnorm first.

I'm making good progress today — wrote 500 words for a book chapter on the history of 802.11 security. My estimate is that I need to write about 10 times as much, and I still have two weeks, which should be enough time. Though it's a rough estimate, since I was given a suggested length in pages, but no guidelines on spacing or font size. I was also reassured a bit when I checked the publication schedule again and noticed that the camera-ready proofs won't be required until mid-October, so the version I'm writing now doesn't have to have every single word perfect.

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