July 31st, 2003


what have I been up to?


Hanno is visiting from Amsterdam, and fanlain and I met up with him andLocke for dinner. I actually dusted off (quite literally) my motorcycle and rode it into SF. fanlain was late because she had to navigate with her car through the Mission area and find a parking spot to boot, while I was able to park right outside Locke's house. Yay for bikes! Then we went to Country Station Sushi, which more than makes up for it's scatter-brained service [we had to repeatedly ask for tea and edamame, and my inari never came] with food and atmosphere. The only problem was that we were all hungry, and we let someone who used to make a tech bubble salary order. We had lots of yummy stuff, like "spyder" rolls and a mango-salmon roll, but at an eventual cost of about $40 per person. But the way I see it, a crazy sushi dinner like that once every few months is worth it. My stomach is still feeling very happy from the food!

I also signed up for CityCarShare. Looking more closely at their pricing structure, they're not all that useful for getting you places, such as San Francisco, because the mileage charges are pretty high. Fortunately, I already have many options for getting places (bicycle/public transit/motorcycle). What CityCarShare might help with is carrying things -- going to, say, CostCo every once in a while. I get to go to an orientation session just in time to make my first shopping trip before our party next Friday, so we'll see how well this will work.