June 29th, 2003



So here's the problem with going to raves -- somewhere between 10pm and 11pm, you have to drag your tired ass into a car and drive to a warehouse, with the faith that once you get there you will actually have some energy. I have missed many a party due to this obstacle. I don't think I would have gone to the FnF party tonight, either, if I hadn't made plans and bought tickets already -- I was feeling pretty dead. But, after entering the door and feeling the energy of the thumping music, I was ready to dance.

The rave was cool, several rooms, lots of great decorations. The entrance had these light flashing down the path, guiding you inside like a runway. Then there was an outdoor area with some torches. The chill room not far from there had a bunch of chairs, couches, and old macs running games and chat software. spider88 played some tetris and fanlain explored the Infocom version of "Hitchiker's Guide" for a bit. Fun stuff.

The music was actually hit and miss. One of the DJs was really screwing up the energy of the room; at some point Ethan had to come in and forcibly turn up the volume on his mixing board by a few notches. But the one that replaced him was pretty good. Unfortunately, my energy did run out at some point; fanlain and I actually napped for a bit. I woke up around 3am, rounded up enochsmiles and spider88 and drove everyone home. I really need to start going to bed at a decent hour, instead of at midnight.

As I was driving home, I was feeling that typical rave after-glow. Somehow, dancing for a bit just puts things right in my head, and for the next day or so I feel more happy, more motivated, more energetic. Now if I can only remember this next time I have to convince myself to overcome a wave of sleepiness and go out dancing...