May 16th, 2003


fortuitous coincidences

When we last saw our hero, he was rushing out of his office and heading to downtown to meet up with friends for dinner. Standard protocol was followed -- people gathered, milled around for a while, a small discussion about an acceptable restarant ensued, and finally "Crepes de Marrakech" (formerly "Crepe de Vine") was chosen. At this point protocol called for a post-it note to be left in the usual location, for those stragglers who might be late. And though this was a foreseen event, no post-its were to be found among the group of friends. There was some talk of fashioning a crude substitute using some leftover pieces of paper and tape, when someone noticed a little yellow square of paper, pasted on the usual location, with the words "Bab5 @ Crepes" written on it, left there from a previous such gathering, though no one knows exactly how many weeks ago. Behold the power of routine!

So the courageous group proceeded onward, only to be intercepted by another group, whose goal in life, or at least for the night, was to watch the epic show called "The Matrix: Reloaded." Along their quest was an obstacle of hunger, to be dealt with by eating sushi at a nearby restaurant. The two groups recognized a common purpose in their present endeavours, and decided to join forces and invade the "Ichiban restaurant" with overwhelming force of dozens, and consume lots of sushi. (A small note was left at the crepe place directing wayward stragglers a couple doors down.) For the part of our hero, he split a large serving of sushi with a couple of Utah natives from the second contingent. The food took some time to arrive, but finally with a dramatic pronouncement "the party boat is coming," a literal boatload of sushi was delivered. And, though it the situation looked grim for a while, the whole load of sushi was eventually demolished, with not a nigiri left behind (and with only a brief pause to view the lunar eclipse... though the waitstaff did look worried as the two dozen people who consumed much japanese food all simultaneously bolted from the restaurant before the bill was settled).

After the money had been counted and the tips all dutifully accounted for, the groups parted ways and our original heroes came to christen Jill's new place (in her old apartment building) with their presence. And though it was lacking in furniture and everyone had to sit on the floor, there was plenty of good cheer to go around, and much cookies and wine (the latter is surely to blame for the style of this entry). It was also not lacking in internet access; turns out that our good friends at the linksys community network had decided to provide an access point nearby. The merriment continued till well after the midnight hour.

But now this story must end as all good stories end, with our hero going to sleep, to dream of fish and boats, of moons and shadows, and most importantly, of friends and time well spent.