May 11th, 2003



At the beginning of this year, I "grounded" myself, in an attempt to save money and be more productive. I was not allowed to take any plane flights until my trip to Amsterdam. That's neary four months, the longest such stretch in many years. Well, now this is over, and I've been thinking about my travel plans for the summer. So far I'm looking at:

  • Victoria, May 31-Jun 4. Visit my mother at her new home.
  • Toronto, Jun 11-24 or thereabouts.
  • LA, Jul 3-6. anime expo
  • Las Vegas, Aug 1-3. DefCon (maybe)
  • D.C., Aug 4-8. USENIX Security (probably)
  • D.C., Aug 31. Eric and Natalie's wedding.
  • Toronto, Nov 8. Ian and Kat's wedding.
  • Christmas/New Year's. Thailand (maybe).

Then there are two more wildcards. First, I'd like to take another trip to Europe this summer, to either Spain or Norway. Spain has been moving higher on my list. I've heard several times that visiting Barcelona can be a lot of fun; plus the Spanish scenery that I saw in Talk to Her was really beautiful. Norway has been on my list for a couple of years; I want to see the fjords, track down the arctic circle, and also find out how people live in the best country in the world. Taking either of these trips would be dependent on finding a reasonably-priced flight ticket, and, more importantly, a travel companion. Anyone want to take a week off and come travel with me?

The second trip I want to take is a bike trip up the coast. I want to visit my friends in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria, and stop by some of the beautiful parks along the way. It should be a fun trip, but I need to find a week and a half to two weeks' worth of free time. I was planning to take this trip in May, actually, but I won't get away for that long, so I figure I'll just fly down to Victoria for now and take the bike trip later. Though I should do it while the weather in the northwest is still relatively dry.

A part of me really misses the jet-set lifestyle, so I'm looking forward to travelling again.

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