May 10th, 2003


reason i miss amsterdam #26

AC Transit. I had today make my way home from Emeryville today, which involved walking 20 minutes to get to a bus stop, waiting over half an hour for a bus that never came (they are supposed to run every 15 minutes... go figure), finally giving up and walking to BART. Total elapsed time: 2 hours. At a brisk pace I could have walked home faster. Contrast with Amsterdam, where 1) you're always a minute or two walk away from a tram stop, 2) trams run close to on-time, 3) within a five minute walk there's usually a range of trams large enough to get to most parts of the city without transferring. And I'm not even counting the buses and the metro. How civilized!
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good times

Yesterday, I was walking towards the cheeseboard to get a slice of pizza or two, and lamenting the fact that I was coming there to eat pizza by myself... again. Well, people smarter than me have said that complaining about something that you can change is silly, so some after some quick thinking I called Russell, who happened to be walking home two blocks away from me. I recruited him on my pizza mission; we talked about adventure racing and participatory economics.

As we were walking out the door with our pizza, we got a call from Primrose inviting us to join her in watching trash cinema. A few slices of pizza and a couple of phone calls later, we were at the pacific film archive. We got in for free, being among the first 30 berkeley students, and were handed some noisemakers. After the first film, we chatted with a newly met friend of Russell's about, among other things, the great vowel shift. I like it when books I read give me topics for conversation.

Everyone went off to watch the second movie, while I met up with fanlain, bought some groceries, and made a greek potato stew. And had some ice cream, care of working assets. All in all, a great night, especially for one that started out with me feeling lonely and bored.