April 8th, 2003


stupid farmers

I think I need to start setting an alarm. My continuing drift towards waking up later has not been helped by the switch to daylight savings. And it didn't help that on the day we switched, I was at a movie that went past 2am (and consequently, past 3am). But even though I was able to go to sleep at a decent time last night (1am? i forget), I still didn't get up until around 11am. I'm not sure if my body is just deciding I need more sleep lately, or if my circadian rhythms have really focused on the 9:30-10 (now 10:30-11) waking up time. I'm don't feel especially tired when I wake up earlier in the morning, as I invariably do, but I still fall right back asleep.

I think the whole daylight savings thing is done backwards. I do like the sun setting one hour later, once I get used to it, but it would be a lot more useful if it happened in the winter and not in the summer. I mean, think about it, what's the thing you notice most in the Fall when we switch off daylight savings? That the sun sets ridiculously early! When the sun sets around 5pm in the winter, that's when the extra hour is needed. In the summer, we have *lots* of daylight, so why are we saving it?

The most logical course would be to get rid of daylight savings time altogether (save on car accidents) and simply move noon to be earlier in the day. Since most of just about anyone's awake time is spent after noon, we need to send more sunlight that way. Of course, if you're a morning person, you might feel otherwise.

I'm making a plan for getting rid of my CD collection. I'm really fed up with CDs; I have to dig through my collection to find music, they always end up disorganized, lost, and the cases always break. And I can't put my CD collection (or at least a subset of it) on random, which is what I usually want to do. It would be so much nicer to have them all on a computer. I just need to be able to send music to the living room stereo (the only place where my CDs actually get played), but that should be a simple matter of running a cable.

I played around with some numbers and if I buy a 200GB hard drive, I can store all of my music on it, uncompressed. I'm also considering using a lossless compression on it; I hear I can get about 2:1 results, which would mean I could fit all of my roommate's CDs there as well. And then I could throw out/give away all of my physical copies, and never touch a CD again!

But this project will have to wait until summer. I'm still on a budget this month, though I found an easier way to keep track of it. I'm trying to spend $100/week, by making an ATM trip once per week and sticking to cash. I was a little worried because by Sunday night my cash reserves were completely exhausted (movies, plus I had Japanese twice this weekend), and my next trip was not scheduled until Wednesday. But I managed to spend no money today, by eating leftovers, and tomorrow I get to have a free lunch. And I can throw together dinner from stuff at home tomorrow night, so I should be home free! I think this budget will be good for me, because it will discourage me from spending too much on eating out. Since it only includes day-to-day expenses, it still won't prevent me from blowing money on toys and travel; I just need to watch my priorities there, I guess.
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