April 1st, 2003


best man

Well, for the second time in my life someone officially recognized something that should have been obvious, and named me best man. But obvious or not, recognition is great; I haven't felt this good since I won the title of "sexiest man in math," years ago... Ok, I'm not actually this conceited, I'm just having fun with the title. And this time I'm actually really happy to do it, as opposed to last time, where I filled the role mainly because I was "there."

My foot has been doing a lot better. I can even walk on it, though it hurts a bit after walking a short ways. It's still swollen, so I'm icing and elevating it, with hopes of speedy recovery. Perhaps tomorrow I'll start doing those exercises they suggested. Grr... i hate exercises. I mean, I don't mind exercise in itself, it's just boring and unrewarding. Like running for a couple of miles, or biking for an hour, or playing frisbee, that feels great. But doing ankle lifts or whatever I'm supposed to be doing?

Today I finally made the stir fry I had been planning on for the last 3-4 days. Trouble was, it's not something that fanlain would eat, but tonight she's at home, so I get to enjoy my veggie delight. I didn't do anything really exciting -- just some soy sauce, ginger, and garlic, but it still tasted decent. And I mostly polished off the bottle of wine I opened on Friday. There I was, eating my stir fry, sipping my wine, and chatting on IRC. The dictionary definition of content...