March 31st, 2003


one for the tribe

So I sent out an email to my friends about crutches. And a scant few hours later I get a call from K&B offering me their crutches and bandages and all. We drove to the city to pick them up, and they were even nice enough to help me bandage my foot, and give helpful suggestions on how to reduce swelling. Paolo told me on IRC that crutches are a tribal item, i.e. passed around the tribe to whomever needs it. Well, I'm really happy to have my "tribe" right now.

So now I can in theory be mobile, although going up hills or stairs seems to be a bit of a challenge. I'm using an ice-pack right now and it's making my foot coooold. Brr. But maybe the swelling will go down...
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Well, I was convinced to go to see a doctor about my ankle. Unfortunately, with the way Tang works, I had to go to urgent care, which mean sitting in a waiting room for a couple of hours. They told me nothing was broken (I was pretty sure of that myself), but they also gave me an ankle brace. So now I can limp along, as opposed to needing crutches to get anywhere. It's amazing how much more mobility this is.

This really makes me reconsider how careful I should be on a motorcycle. A leg injury is a common result of a bike accident, and being restricted to crutches is really not fun. The pain, while annoying, is pretty temporary, but the inability to walk is a big deal. I guess it's pretty ironic that I avoid driving, in part because I think it's dangerous, but I do ride motorcycles and bicycles, which are just about the only modes of transport that are more dangerous still. But my bike route seems pretty safe to me, and I do stick to public transit when I can.

I've also been referred to physical therapy, again. My therapist is probably going to have a field day -- just as my knee problems were about cured, I go and develop a new one. I feel like I'm spending half my life at Tang these days. Damnit, I want to be indestructible again!