March 5th, 2003



As I walked out of the downtown Berkeley BART, there was a group of what must have been high-school students marching around with no war signs yelling "Drop Bush not bombs!" While I was waiting to cross the street, a green VW bug from CityCarShare drove by and honked in its support. Sometime you've got to love living in Berkeley! I'll miss it when/if I move away...
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Happy Ash Wednesday. This is the second time in my life that I'm doing something for lent. Now, I'm not religious at all, but I do appreciate the value of some traditions. Lent is about self-discipline, and I think it's an important thing to practise.

Anyway, this year I'm giving up sweet things. I've been consuming way too much sugar, and it's time to get that monkey off my back. So, things I'm giving up:

  • cookies, muffins, ice cream, other desserts
  • sugar cereal and oatmeal (good bye, Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar)
  • pop
  • snapple
  • sweetened fruit juice (D'oh! Had some apricot nectar today before I realized it had 31g of sugar per cup!)
  • sweet and sour sauce.

To keep myself sane, I'm keeping fruit and bread in my diet. (I really can't go very long without bread... and fruit is good for you, right?) Breakfast will be harder, but I guess I can eat toast and eggs and that kind of stuff. (This morning I had some leftover bland curry).

The other thing I want to try is to spend less money. This come after looking at my bank balance and projecting my expenses until my next paycheck. I'm setting myself a goal of $10/day for expenses, not counting bills and rent and such. I'm using my Zaurus to keep track of expenses, and today didn't go so well - a $16.75 total. Tomorrow will be bad, too, since I'm going out for Thai food. But perhaps I can save some money on the weekend.

Now reading: Immortality, by Milan Kundera.

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