March 4th, 2003


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I really need a new keyboard. Some of my keys randomly decide to misbehave, now it seems to be the Enter key's turn, which makes using my computer very trying. What I'd really like is a new computer altogether, but I don't believe that I'm in a position to ask for one right now.

I've decided to switch to LiveJournal; I think it might be a nicer site to use overall, and I can probably live with the slow speed. I spent much of tonight playing with my account, which doesn't at all make up for my lack of productivity during the day.

I made a disappointing Thai red curry for dinner, using a premade sauce from Thai Kitchen. I've been able to make a really good one before using the same sauce, but this time it didn't turn out. I did make questionable substitutions in the recipe, such as: dried basil leaves in place of fresh basil [I forgot to buy some], water instead of chicken stock [i was too lazy to make up some veggie stock], and nothing instead of fish sauce [in case my roommate wanted to have some]. The veggies tasted pretty good, but the sauce itself was pretty lacking in flavour. Oh well, at least I cooked something.

On a positive note, I'm enjoying my book quite a bit. It doesn't really have any earth-shattering insights, but it does have a lot of interesting facts. Eg.

Many of the famous Muppets were created for ad campaigns: Big Bird is really a variation of a seven-foot rdagon created by Henson or La Choy commercials; Cookie Monster was a pitch-man for Frito-Lay; Grover was used in promotional films for IBM.

I spent an hour last night reading it before going to bed... Now if only writing could keep my attention as well as reading can. I think a lot of my procrastination is due to both tasks on my plate at work being small writing assignments. I really need a third task that's easier on myself, like programming, so that when I feel the urge to distract myself at least I can do something productive.
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