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why you gotta love ebert

I am aware this is the second time in two weeks I have been compelled to quote Lear, but there are times when Eminem simply will not do. -- Roger Ebert

Speaking of movies, I managed to see a couple this week. Today we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which managed to be funny despite a somewhat weak storyline and sub-par acting by some of the cast, and Annie Hall, which is of course, a classic, and you either like Woody Allen movies or you don't. I discovered not too long ago that I do, so I wish in retrospect that I hadn't been busy with making dinner for half the movie.

The weekend rounded itself out nicely. I went to a party which was a little different than the usual ones I go to, in that I didn't know most of the people there. But turns out I knew just enough people for it to be fun, and got to talk with several whom I don't see that often, and some that I just met. And not to sound like an alcoholic, but it felt nice to drink again, after not being able to for a while. I only had a couple of beers, but it definitely made being at the party more fun. Ah, alcohol, my old friend...

This morning we went to Berkeley Thai brunch, something that I've known about for years but had not checked out until now. There's a Thai temple, a few blocks from where I used to live, actually, that puts on a brunch on Sunday where they cook a bunch of Thai food and sell it for cheap, to raise money for the temple, presumably. I found out that this actually stems from a Thai tradition. You exchange money for tokens that you then use to buy food (apparently, real monks are not allowed to handle money, not that the people serving us were real monks, AFAICT). The food was very good and very spicy, though the crowds were big. Probably because it was such a glorious day to have lunch outside the temple sitting on the grass. I was even invited to play frisbee later in the afternoon, but I had to decline as I wanted to spend time with my friend from out of town.We organized to meet up with a group of people, and then randomly ran into some others we knew, and I was glad I dragged myself out of bed and out to lunch.

The rest of time was spent watching more movies, eating more Thai food, and breaking my lent resolve. Though not technically -- nothing I had was actually sweetened; we bought some no sugar added doughnuts and some dates. Or rather, Molly bought them but I ended up eating quite a bit. Anyway, I think both of those should be considered cheating, despite the technicality. Perhaps I can use the loophole that Sunday isn't really part of lent (did you know?).


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