nikita (hukuma) wrote,

disaster strikes early

I was making some coffee in my french press this morning, and just as I was pressing down the grounds, I saw water start pouring out of a crack on the side. Before I could even react, a large piece of glass broke off from the side and coffee went everywhere. So here I was, standing amid a coffee disaster (it spilled all over my kitchen counter and the floor), looking at my broken french press, without my morning coffee, and without any way to make more! Could the day get any worse? Fortunately for me, the answer was no.

Disaster recovery was swift, though it did put a small dent in my budget. My gf and I cleaned up the kitchen, then made a trip to starbucks to feed our addictions, and finally stopped off at Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a new press. Remarkably, it was only $20.

Now I have to be off to a party... I'd almost rather skip it and go watch the midnight show of UHF at the theatre, but a few people I know from out of town will be there, so I should really go. I'm sure it will be fun, though. I've spent this weekend mostly hiding at home, so I really should go hang out with people.

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