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When we got back from Texas in late March, the weather was so lovely that we decided that we should get a BBQ and start grilling in our backyard. The project quickly acquired scope creep, as I started shopping around more grills, searched all over town for the elusive Weber model that seemed likely, and finally decided we should go for natural gas. This, of course, required running a gas line to the outside, which precipitated a string of calling contractors and never getting called back. Well, Thursday I finally got a hold of someone who was actually willing to talk to me and come and install the line, and Sunday we dropped by the new ACE and they just happened to have exactly the model we were looking for.

So I spent last night putting together the grill, and today the gas guy came and drilled lots of holes and put a fitting outside. Finally, everything was set... just in time for the first rain of the month. I didn't give up hope, and there was a clearing just as I was heading home, so I decided to be ambitious and picked up a couple of grass-fed steaks. It started pouring as I got home and I tried to convince fanlain that it was still worthwhile to grill, but I got soaked just taking Soba for a quick potty run. She thought I looked funny with my hooded raincoat, looking like a griller from South Park.

Fortunately, the radar showed a promising lack of clouds to the west of us, so I stalled for another 30 minutes and the rain passed. (That's one thing I like about midwest weather: don't feel like getting wet? just wait 20 minutes.) I fired up the grill and cooked the steaks in record time; actually, I ended up overcooking them, but the middle was quite tasty. I also had some asparagus fresh from the farmer's market with my dinner, fried with olive oil and garlic. A yummy way to finish off the day. And yet another small step in the transition to suburbia...
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