nikita (hukuma) wrote,


I took Soba for a jog today. It actually worked better than I thought. She's normally not that great about walking on lead and pulls a lot, mostly because we haven't spent very much time walking her since we got the electronic fence. But things are a lot easier when you're moving quickly "at her speed." She gets distracted by things (puppy? distracted? quelle surprise!), but usually a quick pull on the leash gets her back on track. There were only 3 or 4 times when she got really excited by something or just got tired of following and would stop and hold her ground. But it wouldn't last long, since after a while of looking at me, she'd realize "I don't actually want to be just sitting here — I want to run!" and we'd be back at it. Anyway, the stops were good for me since I'm not in great shape for jogging. And she's good and tired now — mission accomplished!
Tags: exercise, jogging, puppy, soba

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