nikita (hukuma) wrote,

on the road

Our scheduled departure time of 2pm ended up turning into something more like 5, which was not entirely unexpected. Fortunately, we made good time on the drive, arriving at Memphis by 11:30 including a couple of pit stops. Soba did quite well on the drive, sitting calmly in the space that was left on the backseat after we packed everything but the kitchen sink into the Prius, and she didn't even bark at the Wendy's drive-through people. She was excited to get out of the car, though, and she was positively thrilled at all the new smells and sights inside our hotel room. She especially likes the low mirror that sits at her eye level; she spent some time checking out the puppy on the other side, so we think our suspicions are correct and she would like another puppy around.

Tomorrow's drive will be longer, but we're starting earlier and we're going to take her on a hike first, so hopefully it will go about as well.
Tags: memphis, road trip, soba, travel

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