nikita (hukuma) wrote,

on lack of wisdom

fanlain had her wisdom teeth pulled today. I expected to only miss a couple hours of work, but her recovery is slower than mine was 9 years ago, so I ended up staying home for the whole day. We're still trying to stop the bleeding so she looks like a little chipmunk stuffed with gauze, and sometimes it's hard not to laugh when she looks all sad and plaintive. But I try not to! I surprised myself by nearly fainting in the recovery room after seeing all the drugged out and bleeding patients. I guess being that kind of doctor is really out of the picture for me.

I'm dreading the switch to Daylight Saving time. It's funny, because when I first heard it announced, it sounded like a great idea, and it brings us closer to my oft-stated ideal of year-round DST. But times have changed, and these days I am up before sunrise. It is just getting to the point when it starts getting light around the time of my alarm, and of course, by Sunday, that will all be screwed up again. "Stupid farmers."

fanlain and I are trying to make plans for Spring break. Seeing as there aren't any eclipses this year, we figured we'd stay in the country and take a road trip with Soba. I thought it might be nice to go somewhere warmer and with a beach so that she can learn how to swim. However, we're faced with several difficulties. First of all, the places within a (long) drive that might be plausible beaches are within Texas and Florida, both of which give us pause. Then there's the concern that many nice beaches aren't as dog friendly as one might hope (at least if one were, say, a dog owner), so this definitely merits more research. And the last problem is that, although I'm a bit removed from the undergraduate culture here, I heard some rumors that heading to the beach for Spring break is not an entirely original idea and some college kids might have similar plans. I guess we'll figure something out.
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