nikita (hukuma) wrote,

I went jogging in the morning today and yesterday. Generally, I can't keep my heart rate in my target zone when jogging, and so it gets very frustrating — jog for a minute, have heart rate get too high, walk for 45 seconds, have the heart rate go too low, and so on. So I decided to bring my HRM, but ignore it and just keep jogging. My heart rate was indeed too high — between 158 and 168 — but my endurance levels held out for a 40 minute jog yesterday, and most of a 40-minute jog today. (Towards the end this morning my calf muscles started getting too tight and cutting off blood flow to my feet, so I had to stop and walk for a bit.)

As I was jogging around Mission Bay, enjoying the freah air and the sunrise, I passed local residents jogging, walking their dog, or just out for a walk, and thought to myself "man, what I wouldn't give to live in California again!" And then about five minutes later I realized what — my current job. As stressed out as my life gets sometimes, I can't imagine doing anything that I'd enjoy more. I just wish every once in a while that it wasn't in central Illinois, but you can't have it all.
Tags: california dreaming, exercise, work

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